Hi, I am DALLAS.

A Wedding & LIFESTYLE Photographer

Welcome to Photos by Dal, an Auckland Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer.

How did Photos by Dal come about?

It really started during the end of Covid (start of 2022) where we were all in the midst of 'Work from Home' culture and I was sitting at my desk at home and decided - I do not want to engulf myself in just my 9-5. There is more to me than just my day job. So, I started making this website, one thing led to another and what do you know - I was posting my first post on Instagram introducing myself and launching Photo's by Dal.

Photography has always been a passion of mine since I was a young-in. I was always asked to take photos at Weddings at the prime age of 16 years old for my family (whether that was because I was the only on in my family to have a DSLR at the time, who knows) but I have never looked back since.

There is joy and a sense of fulfillment when I can capture moments through the lens I see them through. Even more so, when my clients see the final product and see how beautiful and candid a moment was.

I love all things creative so I am truly honored and blessed to be taking your photos.

So whether you are looking for a wedding, family portrait or events photographer - have a look at my work and lets have a chat on how I can create your picture perfect moment!

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